The cost of the NFL experience

The cost of the NFL experience
Photo credit: ValuePenguin

With the cost of parking, food and a few beers included, NFL fans attending a San Francisco 49ers game cough up on average 54-percent more than those who attend Oakland Raiders games, according to an analysis of the 32 NFL teams by consumer research group ValuePenguin.

The study gathered the average cost of three NFL tickets, along with parking at the stadium, food (three hot dogs) and beverages (2 beers and a soda), and determined that the 49ers’ Levi stadium experience will set fans back on average $448.50, with part of that cost being a $60 parking fee.

That’s $150 more expensive than the $290.09 price tag on average for a family visiting Oakland Coliseum, where parking for games is $35, according to the report.

“Using a single median income for the Bay Area, that gap translates into a full half-day of extra work to pay for the 49ers’ experience compared with the Raiders one,” it stated.

The average tab for three tickets and extras in the NFL was around $350.

The 49ers have at least this on the Raiders: the hot dog at Levi’s stadium is $1.50 cheaper than at Oakland Coliseum.

But the Raiders’ and Niners’ home fields also share an unfortunate league-leading quality: they both have the NFL’s most expensive beer. Two beers at Levi Stadium will run $20, while at Oakland Coliseum it’s $19.50, according to the report.

Check out the report here.