Hilltop Walmart: ‘Only 96 days till Christmas!’

Hilltop Walmart: 'Only 96 days till Christmas!'
Photo credit: Hilltop Walmart

Too early?

While summer isn’t officially over — the fall equinox is set for Friday, Sept. 22, folks at the Walmart store at Hilltop Mall are already prepping for the Christmas holiday.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, the store posted a photo of two employees stacking items into aisles.

“Adarsh and Divna are getting out Christmas shop ready!! Come on in only 96 days till Christmas!!! Ho Ho Ho.”

Only 96 days? That’s less than 100 days.

Let’s just hope they don’t skip over Halloween and Thanksgiving.


  1. HaHa! I was just thinking yesterday that we’ll start seeing Xmas displays in stores ANY DAY NOW! In the past, Xmas displays in stores would show up the week before Thanksgiving. Now they show up before Halloween. I suspect in the not too distant future, they will show up Labor Day Weekend.