Large ceramic sculpture coming to Richmond


A ceramic sculpture is soon headed to a prominent location in downtown Richmond.

Richmond artist John Toki is currently creating the piece to be located next year in the front of the West County Family Justice Center property at 256 24th St.

According to Richmond City Manager Bill Lindsay’s weekly newsletter, which featured the above photo:

“The abstract ceramic sculpture will be decorated in a variety of colors including blue, earth, and pink tones, and will mirror shapes found in nature. The sculpture will stand about 8½ feet tall by 3 feet wide, and will channel water from the building’s roof drain system near the entrance. It will weigh approximately 1,200 pounds, and will be made of Custom Blended Toki Stoneware and Toki Porcelain Clay. It will be water and fire proof, will have an interior armature for stability, and will be bolted to the concrete entrance.”

The sculpture results from the “1.5% for Art” policy established in 1997 that requires every public project to fund an art element.

Last week, members of the Richmond Public Art Advisory Committee visited Toki’s Spring Street studio for a tour. Toki built the studio himself and has worked there for 40 years, city officials say. He showed committee members each phase of his process, including design, fabricating, glazing and firing, along with equipment that can lift pieces weighing several thousand pounds, according to the city.


  1. Nice. But at risk of being trivial, I wouldn’t consider the location ‘downtown’. This area was always considered just out of downtown hence the old business names “Uptown Theater” or “Uptown Bowl”, of which the last I noticed the sign was still there on the roof looking towards the downtown. The Uptown Theater building is still there at 25th street but is now the senior center.
    Anyway, thanks to those involved for the art and the effort to beautify the town! Good work.