Activist Ada Recinos appointed to fill Richmond City Council seat

Richmond mayor to deliver State of City address on Feb. 27

Ada Recinos, 26, was appointed on Tuesday to fill the Richmond City Council seat that was recently vacated by Gayle McLaughlin, who resigned July 18 to pursue a campaign for California lieutenant governor.

Recinos was selected by a Richmond council vote that considered about a dozen candidates. A 2014 graduate of the University of California, Santa Cruz, Recinos is currently employed as an Advancement Manager for Prospero, an Oakland nonprofit that launches collectively-owned local businesses in partnership with low-income Latina immigrants. 

She is the Los Angeles-born daughter of Salvadoran immigrants, serves as vice chair on the Richmond Human Rights and Human Relations Commission and is a member of the Richmond Progressive Alliance (RPA).

Her selection sustains a dominant voice on the seven-member Richmond council for the RPA, an activist group that votes as a bloc on a majority of issues. Along with current Councilmembers Jovanka Beckles, Ben Choi and Melvin Willis, Recinos is a member of the RPA steering committee, which sets forth the group policy directives.

In her candidate statement for City Council (posted below this story), she stated she has been an activist and advocate for immigrant and human rights since she was 15 years old.

When addressing council prior to Tuesday’s vote, the bilingual Recinos says she can “offer an open door to the Spanish speaking community.” She promoted issues around immigrants, climate change and supporting low-income entrepreneurs and the revitalization of 23rd Street.

“In this trying time with ’45 [President Trump], with all the aggressive attacks on the Latino and immigrant communities, and people telling me black lives don’t matter when we know that they do, I am asking you to choose different,” Recinos said. “Because a large portion of Richmond needs to be heard right now in a language that is most comfortable to them and with the people who know what they need.”


  1. She seems like a very nice young lady but I find it highly disturbing to have a majority of extreme leftists in charge of the council. These are people who are upset because the Democratic Party preferred Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders and yet they do exactly the same thing themselves without seeing the hypocrisy.
    Thank God we still have Tom Butt in there. His level of practical knowledge and experience is greater than the rest of the council combined. I have little hope in the betterment of Richmond as far as any actions of the city council is concerned.
    Good luck Richmond, you’re gonna need it.

  2. Unfortunately Butt sold his soul to the Communists to get elected Mayor! Butt may be Mayor but has zero power. Richmond is doomed and all we can do is sit back and watch!!

  3. I could not agree more w/ Spartan. Butts sold his sole to the devils (RPA).

    Richmond is going to implode at anytime. Crime is up and it’s only going to get worse with the implementation of
    More low income housing (which Butts firm designed) Butts has his weed warehouse in North Richmond and I would not be surprised if RPA are investors.

    I just imagine Richmond ending up like Detroit or the other Michigan locations which are controlled by liberals that caused the water crisis.

    Richmond was once great, but not anymore