Local couple sheds hundreds of pounds at Juan’s Gym


We’ve told you about Juan’s Gym at 12718 San Pablo Ave. in Richmond.

Here’s a fun update. The highly-regarded weight trainer of more than 35 years recently told us about the success of a local married couple that decided to lose weight together.

No gimmicks, no diet pills — Shaneeka and Robert Payne wanted to shed pounds the right away, through proper dieting and daily exercise.

The once 348-pound Shaneeka dropped to a chiseled 160 pounds, with much of the weight loss coming in less than a year and a half, said Nunez.

Meanwhile, her husband Robert dropped from 268 to 184 pounds.

The largest part of the couple’s success is simply showing up and doing the work, Nunez said. Varying the workouts — making gym fun and unlike work — is key to encouraging that result, he said.

“I’m kind of more old school,” Nunez said. “Olympic lifting, powerlifting, I throw boxing in there…”

The secret ingredient to success, however, is inside the hearts of those seeking to get fit.

“There’s a lot of times you want to stop, quit, but you can’t,” he said. “You got to keep going and going.”