Hilltop Mall now called ‘The Shops at Hilltop’ after re-branding

Hilltop Mall now called 'The Shops at Hilltop' after re-branding

We recently told you that the Hilltop Mall was purchased for redevelopment by LBG Real Estate Companies, which in the short-term plans to give the property a makeover aimed at attracting new tenants and more shoppers.

On Tuesday, that makeover began when the developer announced a rebranding of the retail center to the name “The Shops at Hilltop” (see logo above). The re-branding is an expected first-step of a broader plan to modernize the mall property.

As stated by the company on social media, “We are officially rebranding the Hilltop Mall. The mall will now be named The Shops at Hilltop!! Check out our new logo on all social media platforms.”

In the long term, developers said they want to revamp the 77-acre property with a development that has mixed uses including retail, housing, office space, and a hotel.

“We are thrilled to be a part of such a growing community in the East Bay and look forward to bringing new life to Hilltop,” the company said. “We hope to add new shops and restaurants, renovate portions of the mall, and bring new events. Send us your ideas and opinions, and follow us on all social media platforms to stay up-to-date with this exciting redevelopment!”

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  1. The logo is beautiful. I would suggest to bring in a fabric store and stores like the outlets. My issue was the quality of clothes. Bring in a diversity of stores with quality.

  2. The gentrification process is on its way as noted by the Ferrari ,Lamborghini , and Porsche type car show which they hope attract “New Faces” as stated by one of the new owners ! Rumor has it they are looking at Chinese Investors and Silicone Valley Investors in the event that the Mall does not succeed as a retail hub.