Community members step up to assist bed-ridden resident


On Monday, we reported a heartbreaking story about longtime community member Carolyn Moore, who has spent the good part of more than two decades in a hospital bed and who has effectively been trapped in her bed since April after suffering a fall from a gurney.

Her problem? Insurance won’t help pay for a motorized wheelchair, and without it the 58-year-old Moore said she’d likely “die slowly” in her hospital bed, never able to leave.

Thankfully, the community heard her cries and answered her call.

Community advocate Bonnie Jackson asked the Richmond Standard to publish a story on Jackson’s situation, and asking for donations and resources.

After we published the article, a community member who has friends using wheelchairs reached out to the Richmond Standard wanting to led Jackson know about Berkeley’s Easy Does it Emergency Services, which lends and donates wheelchairs to folks in need.

We forwarded that community member’s contact information to Jackson, and only a few days later a motorized wheelchair was already inside Moore’s room, ready for her to use.

“I called, stated our case…Ms. Chanel was very helpful,” Jackson said. “I only needed Carolyn’s name, number, emergency contact name and number, weight, date of birth and to sign a borrowers agreement.”

Jackson had friends pick up the wheelchair and bring it to Moore’s room.

Moore, who has endured a lifetime of suffering from a debilitating stroke in 1996 to congestive heart failure in 2013, is understandably grateful.

“It’s freedom,” Jackson said.