‘That’s My Dog’ raising funds to feed Hurricane Harvey survivors

'That's My Dog' raising funds to feed Hurricane Harvey survivors
Photo credit: Kevin Muccular

The Muccular family, owners of the Richmond-born, often charitable “That’s My Dog” food business, recently moved to Katy, Tex., just west of Houston, in order to expand their business. On Wednesday, they sent the images above (from Tuesday) showing how their home was nearly flooded by Hurricane Harvey.

“These are pictures taken from upstairs in my home as we prepared for our downstairs to be flooded out Sunday evening,” Kevin Muccular said. “The picture on the right is Tuesday evening…rain stopped a foot and half away from my front door.”

The Mucculars are feeling blessed and are paying that forward with a Hurricane Harvey relief project called #HotDogsAndHugs.

That’s My Dog has thus far raised $1,400 — enough to feed close to 2,000 people, Kevin Muccular said. Their goal is to “feed and hug” 10,000 people.

One-hundred percent of all money raised is going to feed victims, Kevin Muccular said.

“We were blessed to see our home saved and waters recede,” he said. “Thousands of families weren’t as lucky and have suffered tremendous loss. We vowed that when we were able to go and assist feeding the families and sharing love through hugs we would.

For those who want to contribute to the Muccular’s efforts, visit TMD30.com. That’s My Dog’s charitable Paypal link is paypal.me/HotdogsAndHugs.