Teachers encouraged to apply for Chevron Fuel Your School grants

Se Incentiva a Maestros y Maestras a Aplicar para Subvenciones del Programa Fuel Your School de Chevron

Calling all local public school teachers! Starting Friday, Sept. 1, you can apply online for grants to carry out educational projects in your classrooms through Chevron’s annual Fuel Your School program.

Today, Chevron U.S.A. announced the launch of its 2017 Fuel Your School program that includes over $6 million to support public school teachers and students in 17 U.S. communities — including in Contra Costa and Alameda counties.

In its eighth year, Fuel Your School is again asking teachers to log on to www.DonorsChoose.org to apply for grants they need to carry our classroom projects, including those with a science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus.

For the first time this year, however, the program is accepting eligible DonorsChoose.org requests for student-led projects and what is called “Student Life Essentials” projects, which can include providing warm clothing, personal hygiene products and food for underserved students.

Funds can be requested for a wide variety of classroom needs. For example, a fully funded project at Verde Elementary in North Richmond in recent years provided a classroom with activities for active learning, including an I Spy Alphabet Aquarium and Phonemic Awareness Activity Tin.

To fund the teacher requests, Chevron donates $1 every time consumers purchase eight or more gallons of fuel at participating Chevron and Texaco gas stations throughout the month of October.

Charles Best, founder and CEO of DonorsChoose.org, said Chevron’s program has funded nearly 40,000 classroom projects at over 5,100 schools since 2010.

“Many teachers spend hundreds of their own hard-earned dollars to pay for classroom supplies,” Best said.

Dale Walsh, president of Chevron Americas Products, said the program also helps prepare students for the STEM jobs of the future.

“Chevron’s Fuel Your School program helps provide the classroom resources teachers need to help students succeed in school and aspire to be future engineers and scientists.”

Since 2013, Chevron’s overall support for education has totaled over $340 million worldwide.

For a full list of participating communities in the Fuel Your School program and to track progress, please visit www.FuelYourSchool.com. Chevron also encourages consumers and Chevron employees to make separate, individual contributions to classroom projects on DonorsChoose.org.