Motorized wheelchair sought for bed-ridden local woman


Longtime community member Carolyn Moore has spent the good part of more than two decades in a hospital bed, having suffered from a debilitating stroke in 1996 and congestive heart failure in 2013.

And although she remains sharp in mind, the 58-year-old Moore hasn’t physically been able to leave the room of her San Pablo convalescent home since April, after she was reportedly dropped from her gurney as she was being transported between her room and a doctor’s appointment.

Now, Moore’s only way to experience the outside world is to peer through the small window of a door at the foot of her bed, beyond a sign that reads “No Exit.”

“It makes me feel like I’m dying slowly,” Moore told us.

We learned about Moore’s story through Bonnie Jackson, the community advocate trying to seek donations to purchase Moore a motorized wheelchair. Because Moore stays at a convalescent home, her insurance won’t cover her for the wheelchair, Jackson said. The insurance would only cover the device for Moore if she finds her own place to live, which she can’t possibly afford, Jackson added.

“It’s freedom. If she had a motorized wheelchair she could have mobility,” Jackson said. “She could be out visiting other people in the convalescent. She can be out shopping around the corner, because there are a lot of things in walking distance.”

Jackson is encouraging those who want to help Moore to simply visit her at the Vale Healthcare Center at 13484 San Pablo Ave. and either provide donations or advice on how someone in her position can obtain a motorized wheelchair.