Unity Park set for two sculptures, two murals

Unity Park set for two sculptures, two murals
Unity Park as photographed on Aug. 21, 2017.

Two murals and two sculptures are coming to the community-designed Unity Park at 16th Street and Ohio Avenue along the Richmond Greenway — part of a Prop. 84-funded grant to develop and beautify the pathway. 

All the artists tasked with creating them live in Richmond, city officials said.

After six artists presented proposals to a panel earlier this month, four were chosen to complete their work, according to City Manager Bill Lindsay’s weekly newsletter. The artists are sculptors Archie Held and Richard Muro, and muralists Seren Moran and Rebeca Garcia-Gonzalez.”

The muralists will receive $10,000 apiece and the sculptors $25,000 each to complete the work, which includes funding the design, fabrication and installation of the artwork.

The 80’ x 6’ murals, estimated to be installed by September, will be across from each other at one of the main entrances to the Greenway near 16th and Ohio, city officials said.

“The artists are required to include one or more of the themes of unity and diversity, and must each use six community members to assist with early stages of painting,” according to the City Manager’s newsletter.

The two sculptures, with a maximum height between 12 and 15 feet, will locate at each of the two main entrances to the Greenway near 16th and Ohio. The sculptors are also required to employ six community members on the project. Held’s studio happens to be right next to the Greenway. The estimated date for the sculpture installation is Oct. 31, according to the city.

The full stretch of Unity Park includes 4th and 8th streets and from Marina Way to 20th. In March 2012, the Friends of the Richmond Greenway (FORG) — a group of more than 20 nonprofit and community organizations with the mission of making the three-mile former railway corridor a safe, active public space — helped the city win a $5 million grant to build the park along sections of the pedestrian/bicycle pathway.