Map points out Richmond’s many new and old attractions

Map points out Richmond's many new and old attractions

Melinda McCrary, the executive director of the Richmond Museum of History, was touted in City Manager Bill Lindsay’s newsletter for attracting attention to her Tweet that included an image of a map of things to do in Richmond.

“Hey look ok at all the awesome places to visit in Richmond, Ca irl!” McCrary wrote in the Tweet.

The map doesn’t just focus on Richmond’s historic waterfront. The whole city’s cultural institutions are included, from art centers to coffee shops and breweries. Adding to the impressiveness of the map is how many noted locations are new, including Armistice Brewing, East Brother Brewing, Riggers Loft Winery and more.

Hotels were also added as well. The map didn’t forget to include the storied Civic Center Motel and Seahorse Motel.

McCrary told us this morning the map was created by SF on the Bay,

Sure, the map was done by a company called San Francisco on the Bay run by Mary Lou Theircof.

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  1. This is a very good idea and can help promote visibility so people start to venture around and explore the old and new sights in Richmond. In turn they are also promoting local businesses which certainly helps turn profit for the city.

    Now they just need increased security to ensure all visitors can enjoy the city without being affected by the violence and crime. They need to protect those potential good experiences so that more people will be comfortable going to Richmond, which will really help change the image of the city.