Phila Burger Station a hometown success story

Phila Burger Station a hometown success story

By Mike Kinney

At Phila Burger Station on Wednesday, owner Sam Lee was standing at the front door, shaking my hand and welcoming me to a local dining institution.

Sam knows most of his customers on a first name basis. Located at at 23rd Street and Lowell Avenue, Phila Burger Station has been owned by the Lee family since 1995 and is widely known for both its Philadelphia style Hoagie (served on a roll) and its 1/3-pound burgers.

A Bell Pepper Hoagie served on a roll (with mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomato, grilled onions & cheese) runs $ 6.99 and could make a meal for two, depending on the hunger levels.

And their 1/3-pound hamburger is very much the classic All-American burger and can range from $4.45 to $6.95.  Burgers can enjoy toppings such as cheese, mushrooms bacon or chili, and there’s also grilled chicken and veggie options. One burger this reporter finds extra tasty is the Philaburger (pastrami, grilled onions and Swiss cheese).

After all these years, I still love Sam’s food and encourage my neighbors to stop by, say hello and grab a bite.


  1. Where shall I begin? We enjoy Phila Burger, not only for the awesome food, (their milkshakes are also amazing), but Sam, the owner, makes everyone who stops in, feel like friends. My partner Erin, always gets a burger or a sandwich, with no vegetables or condiments. He always knows Erin’s order is like that. If you want a great, juicy burger, or a Philly Cheese steak, Phila Burger station, is the place to go.