Police: 13-year-old found with loaded rifle at 4 a.m. in Richmond

Photo credit: Richmond Police Department

If it wasn’t concerning enough to find a 13-year-old boy hanging out in a truck parked in the Iron Triangle at 4 a.m. last month, Richmond police say they also found him in possession of a loaded rifle — and without the ankle monitor he was supposed to be wearing as a condition of his probation.

In fact, all three males who police found inside the truck in the 400 block of Nevin Avenue during the early the morning hours of Monday, July 14 were between ages 13 and 15, according to police.

The incident unfolded when an officer was patrolling his Iron Triangle beat and came upon the parked truck with its lights on.

The officer approached three teens in the truck who “couldn’t explain why they had the truck, and why they were hanging out in it at that time of the night,” police said.

Turns out a 15-year-old in the car took his grandfather’s truck from Santa Rosa without permission, police said.

A search of the truck revealed a loaded rifle, a weapon determined to have been brought by the 13-year-old, who happened to also have an arrest warrant for taking his ankle monitor off while on probation, police said.

All three juveniles were taken to Richmond police headquarters, where the 13-year-old was booked. Police also contacted the family members of the other teens and returned the truck.

“The department is proud of the officer’s beat awareness and investigative skills that led him to the recovery of a truck, and a loaded rifle off the hands of a 13 yr. old,” Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.