Motorcyclist will survive Monday’s collision with big rig on Cutting Blvd.

Motorcyclist will survive Monday's collision with big rig on Cutting Blvd.

A 48-year-old Richmond man is expected to survive “with a couple of broken bones” after his motorcycle collided with a big rig on Cutting Boulevard near 11th Street on Monday, police said Tuesday.

The victim remained hospitalized Tuesday after the crash, which occurred just before 8 a.m., Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.

The motorcyclist likely survive because he rolled over and came off the bike, and also because the big rig was likely going no more than 20 mph, Tan said.

Both the motorcyclist and truck driver played a part in the crash.

The driver of the big-rig, a 35-year-old man from San Jose, will likely lose his commercial driver’s license over the accident, Tan said. His rig “went to truck jail” after RPD’s commercial enforcement officer was put on the case, Tan said. 

The driver’s 18-wheeler “didn’t have brakes in the third axle, drove on four flat tires, all bald tires, and he had an expired required medical form,” Tan said.

Meanwhile, the police investigator says the motorcyclist operated rather unsafely in the incident, as well. He reportedly left the gas station at Harbour Way South and Cutting Boulevard but chose the curb over the road. He headed eastbound on the curb along Cutting Boulevard before attempting to cut across the westbound lanes and ultimately meeting the truck, Tan said.