Weapons seized during search of alleged drug dealer’s Maine Ave. home

Photo credit: Richmond Police Department

While serving a search warrant on the home of a suspected drug dealer in the 400 block of Maine Avenue last week, Richmond police said they also seized a .40 caliber pistol with an extended round magazine and a 50-round drum magazine.

Richmond police narcotics detectives and SWAT team members served the warrant on Thursday, Aug. 3 about 6 a.m., police Lt. Felix Tan said.

“Detectives found individually packaged cocaine for sale, large quantity of unpackaged cocaine, a loaded .40 caliber pistol with an extended magazine along with a 50-round drum for the pistol,” police said.

The resident was taken into custody without incident.


  1. If only there was gun control to prevent criminals from possessing this type of device. Oh wait those laws only affect us law abiding people.