Richmond commission condemns Trump’s use of force statements

Richmond commission condemns Trump’s use of force statements

On Wednesday, the Richmond’s Citizens Police Review Commission became the latest government body to condemn President Trump’s comments advocating for the rough treatment of alleged MS-13 gang members by law enforcement.

In a unanimous decision, the commission adopted a resolution “condemning statements of the president suggesting that law enforcement rough up persons taken into custody,” according to Commissioner David A. Brown.

“Every member of the Richmond Police Department is expected to use force in a professional, impartial and reasonable manner,” according to the resolution, which, thanks to Brown, is posted below in both English and Spanish.

The resolution adds that the President’s statements could endanger Richmond residents and tarnish the reputation RPD has built through its community policing model.


  1. Dear Police Commission Idiots, how about you men and women go out and arrest some certified gang members and then tell the police, from your hospital bed how much force was needed!! Ignorant and clueless is no way to go through life!!