Police free woman from donation box in El Cerrito

Police find woman inside donation box in El Cerrito, arrest her
A Google maps image of the lone clothing donations box in the area of Pierce Street and Central Avenue, where this incident occurred.

A woman found trapped in a clothing donations box in El Cerrito earlier this month was arrested after police helped free her, according to a police blotter report and further details from the East Bay Times.

The incident unfolded the afternoon of July 15 when officers were arresting a wanted man during a traffic stop in the area of Pierce Street and Central Avenue. During the arrest, they heard a woman screaming for help nearby, police said.

Officers couldn’t find her until a citizen informed them she was in the clothing donation box. They helped the woman exit the box.

“Once exiting the donation bin the female gave officers a false name,” police reported. “The female also exhibited the objective symptoms of being under the influence of a controlled substance. While the female was being placed under arrest she pulled away from officers. She was later found to be in possession of methamphetamine and transported to Martinez Detention Facility.”

Becoming trapped in donations boxes can have grave results. In Los Angeles on Friday, a homeless man “reached too far into a donation box, got stuck and died,” according to the local NBC news station. Similar incidents have been reported recently in Calgary, Canada and in Pennsylvania.