Fix Our Ferals expands services to include dogs

Richmond's Fix Our Ferals clinic reopens

The Richmond non-profit Fix Our Ferals has gone to the dogs—in a good way. The organization known for providing affordable spay-neuter services for cats in the East Bay is now offering those same services for dogs as well.

 Spay-Neuter services are available for dogs with surgery prices starting as low as $120.

“Our Medical Director, Dr. Jean Goh, formerly led the Spay-Neuter Clinic at the San Francisco SPCA and ran our Fix Our Perros Clinics,” said Linda McCormick, president and founder of Fix Our Ferals. “She has an incredible amount of experience in offering high-quality, high-volume spay-neuter services for cats and dogs.”

The Spay-Neuter Center at 12226 San Pablo Avenue in Richmond is open Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. It is available to all individuals, animal welfare organizations and municipal agencies interested in spaying or neutering animals at a highly reduced rate.

Those interested in finding out more about Fix Our Ferals or donating to their cause can find out more at their new website or by calling (510) 215-9300.