RPD: Bicyclist had rifle ‘slung over shoulder under coat’

RPD: Bicyclist had rifle 'slung over shoulder under coat'

A bicyclist was arrested last week in Richmond after a police search uncovered “a shortened rifle slung over the suspect’s shoulder under his coat,” police said Thursday.

The incident occurred in the area of Roosevelt Avenue and Hayes Street on Thursday, June 8 about 7:30 p.m., police said.

Patrolling police officers stopped the bicyclist for allegedly violating a traffic infraction. The rider appeared nervous and police said he drew enough suspicion to warrant a weapons search. The suspect, whose identity wasn’t immediately known, was taken into custody without incident.

“We are relieved that the suspect complied with the officers,” police said in a report of the incident on Facebook.


  1. Excellent work RPD. Perhaps a life was saved because this officer bothered to hold the line on traffic enforcement, and who knows how much crime this person has already committed or would have committed had he been simply allowed to ride away. I think a large traffic enforcement crackdown especially in central and downtown Richmond would reap benefits beyond simply traffic enforcement.