City plans 4-way stop for unsafe Ohio Ave. and 2nd St.

City plans 4-way stop for unsafe Ohio Ave. and 2nd St.

The city plans to add stop signs along Ohio Avenue at 2nd Street after a traffic study confirmed reports of unsafe conditions.

Since Ohio was resurfaced in recent years, traffic is moving more quickly, leading to reports of incidents, particularly at 2nd Street, according to a city report, which cited concerns from the Sante Fe Neighborhood Council and two businesses.

While there are stop signs at 2nd Street, traffic flows unabated on Ohio Avenue. The intersection has an unusual configuration, where 2nd Street, which goes north-south, angles.

Pedestrians feel unsafe on the unusually long-distance crosswalk spanning the south side of Ohio, with the faster traffic from Ohio turning onto 2nd, the traffic study said.

Also, last year a new chain link fence installed on a northwest corner property reduced sight distance for motorists, according to the study.

Before the city can move forward with creating a 4-way stop control at the intersection, the plan must go before Richmond City Council. The proposal appears on the City Council agenda’s consent calendar for the next scheduled meeting on Tuesday, May 23.