Richmond artist’s E-40 impression going viral


Richmond resident Ricky Coleman has been doing a spot-on impression of famous East Bay rapper E-40 for some time, but the comedic online videos where he performs the impression are only beginning to take off.

A hip hop artist, comedian and community advocate, Coleman has put out numerous hilarious videos depicting E-40 as an emergency room security guard, a flight attendant, and the school lunch lady, among others.

The impression is so good, he not only received a nod from E-40 himself, but acclaimed rapper Mistah F.A.B. joined Coleman in a video to attempt the impression.

The act really started to take off after Coleman’s latest video: the Mexican E-40 in honor of Cinco de Mayo, which was shared by radio station KMEL and the Sana G Morning Show. That video has led to significant development that Coleman cannot yet reveal.

Also this week, Coleman’s impression of E-40 as a school lunch lady, which has amassed nearly 1 million Facebook views, was transformed into a cartoon on Cartoon Connect, where it has amassed more than 200,000 views on YouTube since Tuesday.

And if you think this impression is slowing down Coleman’s music production, you’re wrong. In the midst of all the social media activity, he just released his latest track, Few Morals. It’s the latest track since his most recent local hit, Can I Get a Water Doe.