Civic Center Motel undergoes multi-agency inspection

Civic Center Motel undergoes multi-agency inspection
Photo courtesy of the Richmond Police Department.

The Civic Center Motel in Richmond was undergoing a multi-agency inspection Tuesday afternoon, according to police, following complaints from local residents about persistent criminal activity in and around the facility.

A team of city and county officials who included police officers, fire inspectors and health and safety officials entered the motel at 425 24th St. on Tuesday with the cooperation of the motel’s owner, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said. The inspection, which will look for everything from bed bugs to fire hazards, was ongoing as of 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, Tan said.

A few weeks ago, officers went to the motel to investigate complaints of improper activity and observed about 20 units that appeared to have longterm occupants, Tan said.

Believing there could be health and safety issues at the motel, officials contacted the motel’s owner, who was given two weeks advance notice about the inspection, Tan said.

During today’s inspection, three separate families who remained at the motel were relocated and provided with services, Tan said.

“We collaborated with discipline to do the inspection today,” the police lieutenant said. “Everyone is there. We want to ensure the residents here in our community that we take your complaints seriously. Sometimes we can’t respond [to complaints] right away. But we do what we can with what we have, and it is best when we collaborate. It’s all about the health and safety of everybody.”