Man dies after 23rd Street fight

31 yr. old Jose Serrano of Richmond
Photo of Jose Serrano, 31, of Richmond released by the Richmond Police Department.

A fight near a taco truck on 23rd Street in Richmond Monday ended tragically for 54-year-old Robert Viera, police said.

Viera died Wednesday after lingering on life-support in connection with the dispute that occurred about 7:30 p.m. Monday in the 700 block of 23rd Street, Richmond police Capt. Mark Gagan told Bay City News.

Officers who responded to the scene found Viera lying unconscious on the ground. According to witnesses, 31-year-old Jose Serrano got into an argument and fight with Viera, who was knocked to the ground, Gagan said.

After Viero was down, Serrano allegedly continued to attack, Gagan said.

He fled before officers arrived.

Witnesses helped to identify Serrano, who is known to Richmond detectives, and Serrano was apprehended Wednesday in the same area where the fight took place, according to Gagan.

He is being held at the county jail in Martinez on $1 million bail.


  1. Personally, I wouldn’t have a problem if the police just went around and rounded up all these lowlifes that are ‘known to detectives’ and known gang members, and locked them up until they can demonstrate that they are not a threat to the general public and that they are capable and willing to lead law abiding productive lives.
    I think you would immediately see a dramatic drop in the crime rate if such a thing was done. Lives would be saved.

  2. They should round them all up and ship them out. If you want to change the course of Richmond, then you have got to change the demographic.

  3. Wanna change Richmond get rid of the RPA. I am sure they will protest in favor of this criminal and demand his release.