San Pablo looks to replace water-damaged gateway arch

San Pablo looks to replace water-damaged gateway arch

San Pablo is looking to build a new gateway archway sign, as the existing archway has endured water infiltration and extensive damage in both towers, the city says.

The city took ownership of the gateway arch on San Pablo Avenue by College Center in 2001. It comprises of two stucco clad towers connected by a steel archway.

In 2010, after maintenance staff noticed water infiltration and damage, the city hired Ratcliff Architects to assess the sign. While there was not an imminent concern of collapse, the investigation confirmed water intrusion and deterioration, the city says.

Earlier this year, a proposal to demolish and reconstruct the sign reached the San Pablo Economic Development and Project Management Standing Committee, which not only instructed staff to look into building a new archway sign but also the possibility of erecting gateway signs at various entrances into the city.

At the San Pablo City Council meeting scheduled for tonight, City Manager Matt Rodriguez is expected to ask council to approve of an online survey to gain input from residents on the project. The council meeting starts at 6 p.m. at Maple Hall, 13831 San Pablo Ave.


  1. Nice work San Pablo. Richmond could learn a thing or two about building attractive structures from San Pablo. For example look at Abella right by the entry to Contra Costa College, then look at how cheap Metro Walk looks in comparison, especially when you look at it from the underpass on Barrett. Abella looks nice from any angle. And look at the shopping center right there at the sign in the article, and then look at how ugly Macdonald 80 is in comparison.
    Richmond once had a sign like this on San Pablo Avenue right at Macdonald where the old Safeway was. It could be nice to have something like that there again but I’m afraid as usual Richmond is in no shape for such niceties and our current city council doesn’t inspire me with much hope that will change anytime soon.