Local artist captures stunning images of Richmond, East Bay


Richmond artist Tony Tamayo doesn’t just believe he lives amid beauty. He proves it.

Like that one time when he rode his bicycle in the area of Moeser Lane in El Cerrito. The sun was setting and he saw that Moeser Lane went straight uphill. And so he quickly biked up and captured this:

And while the Richmond BART parking garage serves a practical function for commuters, for Tamayo it is an equally golden opportunity to unveil hidden beauty in the East Bay. He captured this shot from the upper levels of the garage:

Tamayo was born and raised in the Bay Area but moved to Fresno at age 9 and lived there for half his life. He recalled drawing away in the back of class during his youth, “getting in trouble.” He later pursued art education and in 2015 moved to Richmond, where he has been stunned by the scenery, from the waterfront to the hills to the murals and everything else in between.

At the same time, Tamayo’s long-honed art skills have reached an ideal point from which to capture it all.

“After I graduated I did graphic design work, and Photoshop was my main thing,” he said. “Then I moved to Richmond, bought a camera and combined it with my Photoshop skills. I’ve been shooting everywhere here since 2015.”

Tamayo’s works have been noticed. He is one of four artists being featured in the Richmond Main Street Initiative’s 2017 Art in Windows Spring 2017 series. His works are being displayed in the vacant ground-floor space of the Richmond BART parking garage. An opening reception will take place there on March 16 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. See the flyer:

Tony hopes to keep on shooting and creating and hopes that his art will inspire locals to search in their backyards for visual serenity.

“I want to show people that all these amazing places are right here,” he said.

To view more of Tony’s work or inquire whether any are for sale, visit his website here and Instagram account here.