East Bay Coffee Co. nixes plans to locate in new San Pablo Library

East Bay Coffee Co. no longer to locate in new San Pablo Library
Photo: facebook.com/EastBayCoffee/

East Bay Coffee Co. has pulled out of plans to locate in the new San Pablo Library, which is now seeking a new vendor.

The local coffee company, which first opened in Pinole and last fall opened in the San Pablo Community Center, had hoped to move into a third spot within the new San Pablo Library at San Pablo Avenue and Church Lane, where construction broke ground in September.

Despite more than a year of planning and thousands of dollars invested in the library project, East Bay Coffee owners Bill and Lisa Ancira said in a letter to the city last month that they were “extremely saddened” to pull out from the venture. The couple said their young business cannot meet the project’s financial demands, but reiterated the commitment to remaining located in San Pablo.

“I appreciate the good will and effort made by you and your staff to facilitate this joint venture,” Bill Ancira wrote in a letter to the city. “We want you to know how seriously awesome it is for us to be in your community and our plans to develop our brand at the community center are still moving forward.”

He later added, “We are excited to see San Pablo develop as a center for the arts and for a place one can find great coffee.”