Marijuana for pets: Milo Foundation founder featured in national article

Marijuana for pets: Richmond's Milo Foundation featured in national article

Lynne Tingle, founder and director of the beloved Milo Foundation, which runs a pet adoption center at 220 S Garrard Blvd. in Point Richmond and also an animal sanctuary in Mendocino County, has been featured in a widely-published article about the increasing use of marijuana to treat ailments in pets.

The Associated Press article has been featured in community news outlets along with national publications such as the Chicago Tribune and U.S. News & World Report.

Tingle “regularly gives cannabis edibles and topical ointments to older dogs with health or behavior issues, including her own elderly dogs Chorizo and Alice,” the article reported.

“You just see a real difference in their spirit,” she told the AP. “They’re just not in pain, so they’re happier and they’re moving better. They just get a new lease on life.”

While more pet owners are providing marijuana to their pets as states legalize it, the article brings up the concern by veterinarians who decry a lack of enough scientific studies to show such treatments are safe and effective. That marijuana remains illegal under federal law lends to the lack of adequate research.