NIAD unveils details on Win Win 5 fundraiser

NIAD unveils details on Win Win 5 fundraiser

By Zach Chouteau

Leave it to a one-of-a-kind organization like NIAD to host a yearly fundraising event that is equally innovative.

The unique Richmond nonprofit, standing for Nurturing Independence through Artistic Development, is all about helping artists with disabilities succeed on their own. And their offbeat annual fundraiser—known as Win Win—blends music, wine, munchies, mingling and awesome artwork giveaways to make it a rewarding experience for artists and art-lovers alike.

“Win Win is a perfect benefit event because, well, everyone wins,” says NIAD Art Center Gallery Director Tim Buckwalter. “Our supporters get to take home a really terrific piece of art. And NIAD gets some operating funds to continue doing our important work for another year. See? It’s a win-win!”

In a nutshell, it goes like this: Event-goers can purchase a ticket ranging from $50 to $400 in price; each ticket will have a random number on it that matches a piece of creative artwork, with the size of the artwork based up on the cost of the purchased ticket. For example a $50 ticket earns a 6” x 6” creation. Partiers also have the option of paying extra to pre-select a piece of art rather than receiving one randomly.

NIAD commissioned more than 80 artists from across the country, including many from its own studio programs, for the Win Win 5 event and exhibition, slated for Saturday, April 1 at the Clif Bar & Company at 1451 66th Street in Emeryville.  Guests can also enjoy food and drinks, soul music and a free movie screening. A photo-booth will also be on hand, for attendees to get a snapshot of themselves with their new art.  Get the picture?

The event goes from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., although yet another cool component is the option of a special VIP party that kicks-off at 3 p.m. Attendees paying the $300 donation for this pre-party can enjoy a mixology class (and even hold onto their concoction to take home); savor appetizers from a top local chef; meet with local artists and help themselves to a keepsake tee-shirt. VIPs will also be rewarded with a 24” x 24” work of awesome art that is randomly selected.

To find out more about the intriguing event or the good work NIAD is doing in Richmond, visit the group’s site at