Jan 13, 2017

A former Richmond teacher was convicted of 87 of 90 counts of child molestation and kidnapping charges on Thursday and will thus face a minimum of 900 years to life in prison, according to the Richmond Police Department, which arrested him in March 2014.

Police first learned about the case involving Ron Guinto, 34, of Vallejo, in October 2o13, when they were called to Making Waves Academy charter school on a call about suspicious circumstances between an adult teacher and a few students between ages 10 and 12 years old. Officers quickly learned of inappropriate activities, leading to an investigation.

RPD enlisted help from the Children’s Interview Center (CIC) to interview 15 children involved. The investigation uncovered that Guinto had started a boys-only camp called Camp Epic, which had no affiliation with the school and had Guinto as its only adult supervisor.

Guinto’s stated goal for the camp was to teach life lessons to the boys, but instead he sexually assaulted 15 of them, police said.

In March 2014, Guinto was arrested and charged.

“We are proud of our detectives’ tenacity and focus in bringing justice to the predator who preyed on the innocent children,” Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said. “We are appreciative of the various victim advocacy groups that have assisted along the way.”


  1. This is sick I’m so upset with this the need to be on an island in the ocean and swim with sharks.cuz they are dumb crazy and sickness.makes no sense.

    Dani Bryson | Jan 13th, 2017
  2. The reason why there’s so many cases in this world is that since they past the law for homosexuals to marry. That was a clear pathway to get in the gate since they have been performing these hideous acts since Sodom and Gomorrah and Roman and Greek customs. So now you have all these flip flops engaging that shit on innocent KIDS… sick as WORLD… Sodom and Gomorrah’s Fiery Judgment is coming down upon …… the creeps

    Nelo | Jan 13th, 2017
  3. Hey I am from Making Waves, thank God this bastard is in jail. Sick fuck!

    Dani from MWA | Jan 14th, 2017
  4. Dani Bryson you are out of your mind. For crissakes do you honestly believe pedophiles give a shit that gays can now marry? You are an ignorant idiot.

    Cori Castro | Jan 14th, 2017
  5. I apologize to Dani Bryson. My response was directed at Nelo.

    Cori Castro | Jan 14th, 2017