Jan 9, 2017

The demand for medical assistants in the healthcare field is so high, Kaiser Permanente is offering a 50-percent tuition discount for the first group of students attending its new training program in Richmond.

In April, the Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences in Richmond will officially start classes in its inaugural Medical Assistant education program. The 15-month-long program will provide Associate of Science Degrees in medical assisting for prospective students. The hope is that future graduates will fill the growing need for medical assistants at Kaiser, which currently has 362 openings for medical assistants in Northern California alone. The position is expected to grow by 23 percent between 2014 and 2024, the U.S. Department of Labor says.

Medical assistants at Kaiser earn between $25 – $27 per hour, not including benefits.

The new Associate of Science degree program will launch with 25 students. Graduates will not only earn a degree, but will be eligible to sit for certification exams in basic and advanced phlebotomy and EKG.

“Students will do their clinical training within Kaiser Permanente medical centers and will learn to use the organization’s electronic medical record software, KP HealthConnect,” hospital officials said.

Applications for the inaugural class are due Feb. 1. and can be accessed here. Tuition for the 15-month program will be $7,500 for the inaugural cohort, and $15,000 thereafter. KPSAHS offers loans with forgiveness for those employed after graduation at Kaiser Permanente.

“Some of the large for-profit schools that trained medical assistants have closed over the last two years,” said Tammy Arnold, KPSAHS medical assisting program director. “Combine that with Kaiser Permanente’s growing membership and the increased demand for medical assistants in primary care, and the result is a drastic need for training.”

While graduates “will be very marketable,” the intent is to place them within Kaiser, said KPSAHS Associate Administrator Kristina Lopez.

For more information about the School of Allied Health in Richmond, please visit http://kpsahs.edu/.


  1. What options do you offer to people with undergraduate degrees?

    Betty | Jan 9th, 2017
  2. Is it open to seniors?

    Virginia Dorsey | Jan 9th, 2017
  3. I’m an LVN but I’m interested in getting into Kaiser I would like to get into a program. Even an ER Technician program.

    Shirley Rosales | Jan 9th, 2017
  4. Is this for real ? I’ve been applying for 12 years and always get the email saying we hired within…. I’m ccbma certified and have Years of experience. Please help!

    Erika | Jan 9th, 2017
  5. Hi Betty,
    Anyone who meets the admissions qualifications is welcome to apply. You can learn more about our medical assisting program by checking out our website at http://kpsahs.edu/medical-assisting.

    Thank you!
    Kristina Lopez-Smith
    Associate Regional Administrator
    Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences

    Kristina Lopez-Smith | Jan 9th, 2017
  6. I am a trained M A. All I need is the experience.

    Lisa Davis | Jan 9th, 2017
  7. How to apply

    Noor munir | Jan 9th, 2017
  8. I am wondering if kaiser employees have priority or not ? I have worked for kaiser or over 16 years . Can we apply to attend this program?

    Sabrina lego | Jan 9th, 2017
  9. I’ve completed the ROP medical Assistant program in 2008 and did my enters hip at Kaiser and I’ve had the hardest time getting a job. I gave up, but I’m very interested now. Would I need to take your program again since its been almost ten years since I took the course ?

    Tamaara | Jan 9th, 2017
  10. I am an experienced M.A. and LVN with good references. I would like to get in to Kaiser for a while now. Any other programs that I can sign up for?

    Lalaine Reyes | Jan 9th, 2017
  11. I am also wondering if Kaiser employees priority or not? I’ve been working for Kaiser for 13 years. Also would it be the same tuition price as it says for Kaiser employees?

    Melissa kocher | Jan 9th, 2017
  12. I am already a medical assistant and certified. I have been trying to get into Kaiser for awhile it is so hard.

    Crystal Mendez | Jan 9th, 2017
  13. Is there any openings in Kaiser in Baldwin Park Ca.

    Irma Lopez | Jan 9th, 2017
  14. Kaiser NEVER have any openings. I wish this program started when I graduated 4 years ago. ( currently 4 year experience as an MA with 2 year experience as an Cast Technician at UCSF)

    Latrina Senegal | Jan 9th, 2017
  15. 9252071101

    Melvia Latimore | Jan 9th, 2017
  16. I dont get why they dont just hire the unemployed medical assistants or new nurses fresh out of community college or trade school. Just waste of money and resources that can be use somewhere else

    Huan Lee | Jan 9th, 2017
  17. I am a CMAA willing to retrain

    Denise Mitchell | Jan 9th, 2017
  18. I graduated from Heald with an AAS Degree in Medical Assisting but haven’t found a job because everywhere is asking 6 mos to a year of experience and apparently, my externship doesn’t count. Do I qualify and can skip all the pre reqs?

    Donna Cordero | Jan 9th, 2017
  19. Where do I apply to attend the school ?

    Carmen Serrano | Jan 9th, 2017
  20. I am a foreigner can i apply?

    Patience logah | Jan 10th, 2017
  21. I’m interested in being in the medical assistance program.

    Gerrine washington | Jan 10th, 2017
  22. If you are interested in learning more about our Medical Assisting program, please join us for our online information session today from 4pm-5pm. To join the call this afternoon please email admissions@kpsahs.edu for call in information.

    Thank you!
    Kristina Lopez-Smith
    Associate Regional Administrator
    Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences

    Kristina Lopez-Smith | Jan 10th, 2017
  23. What about Kaiser employees in southern California? We want to advance our career too. Any plans for a KP Medical School or discount school tuition for us?

    Keyonna | Jan 10th, 2017
  24. Please leave me information on how I can apply and receive more information, I am very interested.

    Sandra Ellis / Jauary 10, 2017 | Jan 10th, 2017
  25. Hi Sandra,

    Please go to our website at http://kpsahs.edu/medical-assisting for information on how to apply. If you have any questions please email admissions@kpsahs.edu or call us at 510.231.500.

    Thank you!
    Kristina Lopez-Smith
    Associate Regional Administrator
    Kaiser Permanente School of Allied Health Sciences

    Kristina Lopez-Smith | Jan 10th, 2017

    PRINCESS JACKSON | Jan 10th, 2017
  27. I have my Medical Assistant / Phlebotomy Certification but since it is so difficult in getting hired anywhere I have given up. Why do I have to go back to Kaiser to be certified if I want to get a job in Kaiser ? Aren’t all Certification equally the same?

    Gloria Rivera | Jan 10th, 2017
  28. I have been a CMA for 2 years, and completed my AAS degree at an accredited college here. . I live in Minnesota and we have thought about moving back to California. I look on online job sites in California and I always see starting pay as 11-14.00 an hour. Here alot of places start at at least 17.00 an hour right after school. Is the pay quote listed in this article for Kaiser for real? Also, I never see alot of openings for CMAs in the California, Sac,Modesto, Stockton area or locations close to these. Does anybody have any insight?

    Jodel | Jan 11th, 2017
  29. Just another come-on by another school making false promises to get your money. I don’t know any MA’s making that kind of money anywhere. $12-17 an hour is all any MA gets paid even with a degree and certification!

    Susan | Jan 11th, 2017
  30. Why kaiser does not hire LVNs. They can be MA

    Renu Bala | Jan 11th, 2017