Bright idea: 9,000 streetlights to boost safety

Progress report on installation of thousands of LED streetlights throughout Richmond.
The lights on the right are powered by LED technology. See a better before and after pictures below.

Richmond’s streets and sidewalks are about to become brighter at night as part of a citywide project to upgrade streetlights.

Starting last week in Parchester Village, city workers began a six-month effort to install about 9,000 LED street lights throughout the city.

The lights will replace existing high-pressure sodium lights or be installed on selected wood poles that currently don’t have street lights, according to city officials.

The LED lights “use an average 50 percent electricity than existing high pressure sodium lights,” City Manager Bill Lindsay stated in a newsletter.

They’re also better for the environment, Lindsay said.

“The street light upgrades will improve community safe and quality-of-life with brighter streets and sidewalks, while at the same time reducing operating costs and greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

Richmond’s electrical contractor will work with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. employees to install the lights. Lindsay said existing street lighting levels will not be disrupted during any phase of the project.