A bright side in the 2016 election


This image shows a bright side in the 2016 Election.

That’s Cesar Zepeda’s campaign headquarters at 633 23rd St. in Richmond, which the city council candidate posted to his campaign’s Facebook page.

While unofficial elections results indicate Zepeda’s bid for a council seat was not successful, his campaign injected life into this 23rd Street building — and in several cases the city as a whole.

As Zepeda noted about the above image on Facebook:

“I’m proud of the work that we have done together to bring economic opportunities to Richmond. Our 23rd Street campaign office is a recent example of how hard work can change the face of a neighborhood to make it a desirable place to live, work and shop.”

During and leading up to the campaign, Zepeda helped launch the Food Emporium, the city’s community-driven version of Off The Grid, started a fundraiser that amassed $100,000 for the purchase of musical instruments for Richmond High students, and played a role in the establishment of memorial and park for a deceased community member, among other initiatives.