Workers at McDonald’s stores in Richmond, Oakland win settlement

Richmond McDonald's was buzzing with activity Monday morning at the start of the fast food chain's free coffee promotion.
The McDonald's on Macdonald Avenue and 23rd Street.

About 800 current and former workers from McDonald’s stores in Oakland and Richmond could share $1.75 million in back pay and damages as part of a settlement stemming from a class-action lawsuit alleging wage and hour violations, according to the Bloomberg’s Daily Labor Report.

The total $3.75 million settlement –$2 million of which would be paid to the plaintiffs’ lawyers — must still be approved by a U.S. District Court judge, the report said.

The 2014 lawsuit was brought on behalf of current and former employees at five McDonald’s restaurants operated by The Edward J. Smith and Valerie S. Smith Family Limited Partnership.

One of the restaurants named in the lawsuit is the one at 2301 Macdonald Ave. in Richmond.

The complaint about the franchisee was more than just the low wages.

“Workers at the restaurants in Oakland and Richmond, Calif., alleged the franchisee consistently erred in converting punch-time data to payroll data and failed to pay daily overtime to those who worked the overnight shifts,” the Daily Labor Report noted.

The company also failed to provide state-mandated meal and rest breaks and to reimburse workers for the time and cost to clean and iron uniforms, according to the report.

You can read text from the case here.