Three suspects arrested for murder of Eric Brown


Three suspects have been arrested in connection with a shooting at La Moine Park in Richmond Monday night that killed 21-year-old Eric Brown and injured a 19-year-old man, police said.

On Tuesday, three local men — Karmani Ely, 19, of San Pablo (pictured on left), Richard Taylor, 19, of Richmond (middle) and Anthony Tolliver, 22, of Richmond (right) — were arrested for the murder of Eric Brown, and the weapons used in the crime were recovered, according to the Richmond Police Department, which posted the above photos of the suspects on social media.

On Thursday, the three suspects were charged for murder and robbery, police said.

Detectives believe the attack resulted from a “narcotics transaction gone awry.”

The shooting happened about 10:50 p.m. at the park at 3501 Morningside Drive. Officers arrived and found Brown and a 19-year-old Rodeo man suffering from gunshot wounds. Despite efforts to save him, Brown (pictured below) succumbed to his injuries at the scene. The 19-year-old suffered wounds to his lower extremities and is recovering.


“The department is extremely proud of the homicide detectives and patrol officers who kept their focus in finding the perpetrators of this senseless crime,” police said, adding they hoped the arrests would bring some closure to Brown’s family.

The loss of Brown has deeply affected loved ones and community members who knew him. An online fundraiser launched to cover after-life expenses described Brown as “the most caring and generous person you’d ever meet.”

At the time of his death, Brown had been working as a mechanic at Hilltop Dodge for about a year.

“He’d give up the shirt off his back if a friend needed it,” sister-in-law Nicole Wadsworth said, adding he had a zest for laugh and could make anyone laugh.



  1. I hope they rot in hell for what they did!!!! RIP Eric Brown one of the nicest, kindest, loving, and amazing people I have ever known growing up. Nothing can fully describe how much of an amazing person he was he never did anyone wrong ever especially nothing to get what he got its just not right but I’m glad they got these guys so quickly.

  2. My he rest in peace.This young man would come into my job frequently he was always polite to me and would always put a smile on my face.Didnt know him besides that but I will miss him putting that smile on my face.My prayers goes out to his family.

  3. Eric was a good kid with a great heart. He was a Nephew Little Man’s best friend. He would make it a point daily to come say hi! Hang out awhile. He would always make it a point to go say hi to Little Man and just talk to him a lil.when ever it was he was gonna go check in at home. He would make sure to let Little Man know. Eric would earn $ around the niegborhood, and instead of spending it on myself. He would walk or ride a bike if he had one, and go all the way to Wet Pets just to buy Little Man a new different fish for his tank. So that he had something to look at in the night if he wasn’t tierd.9lj

  4. In the eyes of the law a drug dealer is a criminal 2 there is no white or black in there drug game unless you talking about the difference between the drugs. All this he was a good kid stuff I’s BS . shit cops white and black kill people all day so do loss your focus on the jungle that we live in . So if it was over a drug deal either he is Eric was using or sharing so if just because you may be a angel in the day time doesn’t mean you couldn’t be a devil in the night .

  5. On-line fundraiser??? Sure let me give money for someone who was killed during a drug dealer gone bad! He was either buying dope from wrong people or selling dope from wrong people either way he was engaging in illegal activity at the time of his death! So no….I won’t be contributing to any fundraiser…and you shouldn’t either!

  6. @ John Spartan you are a very judgemental person.Regardless of the way you think this young man died his left is now nomore.The on line fundraiser is to help rhe family with any after life expenses they may have.I can tell you are a very junvielle person and maybe you think what you saying sounds intelligent.But sorry you should put more thought into your words before typing cause right now you sound like a Jackass.This is somebody child,brother,nephew,uncle,cousin,Bestfriend.A soul has been taking.You never know when you will take ur last breath dont be so quick to judge because death can belong to anybody in any situation.And carma dont care who you are when its ur turn she always on time.Something for you to think about.And before ending this I know you will respond you always do but I said my peace I will not be responded back.

  7. I think John is simply trying to state that he doesn’t feel this is a just cause to donate to. And not donating could influence future behavior of others in that they might think twice about risky situations or bad choices if they know that people not providing support afterwards.

  8. @ why sounds good I read exactly what he said sounds like judement to me.Still a life gone regardless. I dont think not helping with the on line fundraiser is the solution to the problem.Just saying we need a little more effort than that

  9. Weed IS a prohibited narcotic, sorry. That’s why it is sold on the street by thugs and hustlers.
    Until we vote to make it a legal recreational drug, it will be bought and sold by street hustlers just like crack, with all the same dangers. Hopefully it will be legalized soon, and all these street sales will disappear because it will be cheaper to get weed at Walmart. I don’t buy scotch from some shifty guy in a car in the park, for example.

  10. Hey Jesse, in a proper sentence / paragraph there are 2 spaces after a period. Hit the space bar 2 times after your period. I typed that very slowly so you could understand! Oh I almost forgot, why should his parents get any money donated to them when they obviously did a poor job raising him?? Poor parenting should not equal any money!

  11. This isn’t the right place for you to voice your personal opinion on what Eric was doing. This isn’t the place for you voice your opinion on how he was raised or the things his parents did or didn’t do. regardless of what you all think Erick was a son a brother a grandson a nephew a cousin and a friend . He was loved by many!!!! family is family right or wrong good or bad and the loosing Eric is something my family will struggle with for a long time. you dont wanna donate then DONT! you all come from perfect family’s? None of you have ever made STUPID decision’s or choice’s? For all you people leaving a response answer me this, if this was your son or your loved one would you be so critical? I THINK NOT!!!! you all are very much entitled to your own opinion but go find a forum that’s asking for it!!!!!!

  12. Goodeveing John no lesson needed from you.You gotta come a little harder than that to get under neath my skin.As usually your talking about nothing.I think most of time you comment on here just for attention.Its real easy to see because yet again you sound like a JACKASS.And on that note goodnight

  13. @Jesse you are obviously an uneducated person who has no clue about life. Keep supporting drug dealers / buyers and see where that gets you. I speak only the truth and do not seek attention. All your posts concerning my opinion bring me attention….so who is the real Jack ass? And please, period then hit space bar 2 times!!

  14. Hey john obviously your the educated one.You know nothing about my life but just to let you know my life is great having a heart and caring about humanity has gotten me pretty far in life.Only responed to the ignorant statements you put on here myself along with others.You keep thinking the way you do being a father it will come back and bite you in the ass.I will always support the fact that a young man life has been taking no matter how you feel he lived or how you feel his parents raised him at the end of the day he was a human being and the way you direspect his parents is disgusting.Makes me feel like who raised you a pack of wolves?To be so heartless and cold.But maybe your too educated to feel any differently right?But still dumb as a doorknob.Oh yeah almost forgot your still the number one JACKASS the shoe differently fits so where it proud okay.while you continue your walk in life try not be a inbacile its a waste

  15. Oops typo work on not being a imbecile not so stupid maybe not such a idot. And such a down right fool k John I got my fingers crossed.

  16. To the ass who wants to talk about the parents who didn’t raise their son right, I bet you don’t have any children right? And I bet you either drink a lot or pop those pills every day right? Who in the hell do you think you are to judge anyone’s parenting skills?? Your mother obviously raised a disrespectful waist of time! Get off the hay high chair your on and go learn some manners! Oh yeah I forgot, its like common sense some folks just don’t get it!

  17. You people need to get over yourselves regardless what anybody thinks or what the situation was, a life was taken from friends and family.. Whether you agree or disagree with whats happened, if your going to voice your opinion about it, instead of making it about you and what kind of horrible person you can be, if you can’t have some respect for the family’s lose and how they’re left dealing with it, and if it really doesn’t concern you I’m sure the family would appreciate it if you’d keep the foul comments to a minimum.. Have some respect and just don’t comment that simple…..

  18. I would like to apologize to the family and friends love ones etc.for my foul comments made on here to one of the commenters.Starting out that was not my objective do use this format as such.It got a little out of hand but my heart is in the right place to begin with.Deepest apologizes.

  19. Jessie, it’s easy to get goaded on these days, and lose decorum. Thank you for your statement of civility, that’s rare and to be admired.
    It was a tragedy all around, and I think we all have strong opinions on how to prevent this from happening again. Trying to explain the origins via personal experiences in order to not repeat mistakes is one way, and is construed as “blaming”. Pointing out the reality of societal issues regarding ethnicity and poverty and how they are perpetuated can be seen as “making excuses” for criminal behavior. The solutions and explanations are most likely found between, and without emotional investment.

  20. FIRST OF ALL I DONT CARE WHAT @johnspartan HAS TO SAY! he’s been stalking all of Eric’s online pages and posting rude disgusting comments. Like I said before john, hopefully your kids end up like the scumbags that killed Eric rotting behind bars for the rest of their lives. Joe and Jenny Brown are not the ones who are to be blamed for bad parenting. Eric smoked weed so the fuck what. He sold weed, so the fuck what. What about the crackhead selling meth or heroin on your fucking street corner??? The people to blame are the parents of Richard Taylor Anthony Tulliver and Karmani Ely the pieces of trash that shot eric in cold blood and left him there to die!!!! Kids should not fucking be killing other kids. Eric was a son, grandson, nephew, cousin, brother, friend and I will miss him more thagn you will ever know. Eric shouldn’t have been the young man that was killed that tragic night. How dare you speak on someone you knew nothing of or never had the great honor of meeting. God forbid you suffer the same terrible fate that Eric Brown’s mother and father are facing. God forbid you ever have to outlive or bury your child. You’re the waste of space. I’d gladly trade your life for Eric’s. Eric should be here. You sir, should not. RIP ERIC BROWN. LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH💔💔💔💔

  21. Selling weed on the street is the same as selling crack or heroin. It attracts people like those that killed Eric. Weed needs to be legalized and sold in stores just like liquor. Then we won’t be seeing these shootings over weed in Richmond. because of it’s status as an illegal street drug, being around weed dealers and buyers is exactly the same as being around crack dealers and buyers. I’ve seen it, we all know it, don’t make excuses saying “it’s just weed”. Bullets are the same from weed dealers/robbers as they are from crack dealers/robbers. I know more people who’ve been shot at or robbed (or shot at robbers) selling weed than crack and heroin.