Shooting suspect arrested outside party in Iron Triangle


A non-injury shooting that occurred after a fight erupted at a party in the Richmond’s Iron Triangle neighborhood last weekend resulted in an arrest, police said.

Police responded to calls of shots fired about 11:40 p.m. Saturday in the 700 block of 7th Street, Lt. Felix Tan said. While responding, officers received calls from witnesses who complained a party resulted in the fight and that a person shot off a gun, Tan said.

When officers arrived, they walked to where shots were fired and approached a parked car. One of the passengers in the car fled into the house, leaving behind three other occupants, Tan said. Officers saw a .45 caliber handgun on the rear seat of the car.

All four suspects ended up detained — although the one who fled needed coaxing from police before exiting the house.

The suspect who fled, whose identity wasn’t immediately available, was taken into custody on firearms violations.

“We are happy to report that nobody was injured in this incident where shots were fired after a fight at a party,” Tan said. “We are proud of our officers’ tactical approach to a volatile situation and of their patience throughout the call.”