Mayor Tom Butt’s 2nd annual golf tourney a fundraiser for youth sports


Mayor Tom Butt is inviting community members to support youth sports by participating in the 2nd Annual Mayor’s Community Fund Gold Tournament on Oct. 17.

The event will take place at the Richmond Country Club, 1 Markovich Lane, at 10 a.m.

Last year’s tournament raised more than $14,000, which was distributed among a dozen youth sports programs, including local YMCA programs, Richmond Swims, Richmond Tennis Association, the East Bay Soldiers and Richmond United Soccer Club. The money helped purchase equipment, pay for trips to tournaments and more.

This year, the mayor’s office hopes to double their haul by raising $35,000 for youth sports.

If you are interested in being an event sponsor or buying tickets, visit here or contact the Mayor’s Office at (510) 620-6527.

Photo credit: Mayor’s Tom Butt’s office, taken at last year’s event


  1. Can he raise some additional money for more a lot more police and perhaps mandatory security or swat team prescence at all school games? You know it’s really out of control when school kids can’t go to practice or attend games without there being a shooting.

    How in the world do they expect to get people to have any confidence in going to, or moving to Richmond?