Little Caeser’s ‘Love Kitchen’ returning to Richmond

Little Caesars’ 'big-rig pizza kitchen' rolls up to Richmond's Bay Area Rescue Mission Tuesday

The Little Caeser’s Love Kitchen is returning to Richmond on Oct. 9 to cook up and serve pizzas to needy families in front of the Bay Area Rescue Mission, a homeless services center.

The big-rig pizza kitchen will roll up to the Rescue Mission at 224 Macdonald Ave. at 9 a.m. and serve lunch to “any and all that show up.”

Since 1985, the pizza chain’s “Love Kitchen” program has been serving meals from wheels across the nation and Canada to locations where people are in need, from areas suffering poverty to communities ravaged by hurricanes and tornadoes. Two big rigs equipped with pizza ovens travel year round, with two drivers assigned to each truck.

Last year, the pizza kitchen stopped by the Rescue Mission and served as many as 300 people in need before heading off to stops in Oakland and Berkeley.