Arrest made in murder of Javonte Prothro


Richmond police arrested a suspect in connection with the fatal shooting of Javonte Prothro.

Dawaun Rice, 19, of Richmond (pictured above), was arrested in Vallejo Wednesday in connection with the Monday morning murder at S. 47th Street, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said. Today, Contra Costa County prosecutors charged rice with the murder.

Just before 11 a.m. the morning of the fatal shooting, police were called to the fatal shooting at 1025 S.47th. They found 29-year-old Prothro “slumped over in his car.” He later succumbed to his gunshot wounds.

A team of detectives used evidence at the scene and assistance from the community to identify Rice as a suspect, Tan said. No further details were released about the case, including a possible motive.

“We would like to acknowledge and thank community members for their support and the partnership we have that helped solved this homicide,” Tan added.


  1. I am so glad they caught him because he is a coward for killing a good man like Javonte he did not deserve this punk-ass coward did… but Justice will be served for Javonte I will always love your laughter your smile and whenever I was down he always brought me up….I love you Javonte….😍😍😍😍

  2. Rice was a success story for the ONS Program. Some success I might add! To all you Chris Magnus believers if you listen very very carefully you can probably hear him laughing all the way in Tucson! Just another failed legacy courtesy of Magnus. The legacy of Magnus’ horrible promotions will continue to bring down Richmond PD for decades! Thanks Chris!!

  3. @johnspartan why are you so negative about what Chris Magnus and the ONS has done. what are you doing? how many killings have you stopped? what have you done to Stop The killings? anytime somebody brings down the crime rate in the city and I mean anybody not just Chris or the ONS ,it helps .you want to batt down somebody else’s accomplishments because you have none . you should be ashamed of yourself . just go ask yourself again what have you done to help.

  4. @jmac You don’t have to be able to build a car to know when one isn’t running right; you don’t have to stop a bullet to know this violence is nonsense. The value of any contributions are most likely not going to be measured by you, and that program was an abject failure. Since you ask the question, what have you done?

  5. @jmac so the fact that Rice who was in the ONS trained and paid by the taxes from hard working citizens to stop the killings…goes out a murders someone and you want to praise ONS?? That immediately disqualifies the program and it should be immediately stopped! Like the ONS, Chris Magnus had everyone fooled and he was a pompous grudge full man. But thanks for your comments jdiddy…I mean jsmack…oops jlacky…oh forget it!

  6. The comments shared here are an exact representation of what Richmond needs (and what we should be so grateful for in this country – our constitutional right to stand up and speak out mind). Despite the fact that there a victim involved, the people of Richmond need to band together, stand up and debate these killings in a constructive way such as the dialogue that is happening here. The bottom line is people are tired of the crime and the senseless killing in Richmond.

  7. I was raised in Richmond amongst gangs ,dopepheans and being a crack dealer,im 36yrs old now homeless and sad I have lost a o much growing up here I never played with little cars or ajma

  8. @John
    “That immediately disqualifies the program and it should be immediately stopped! ”
    Ah I see you lack the patience and discipline to actually take part in official resolutions. Which would explain your frustration with the current setup and policy work in general. I don’t suppose you’re young and spry enough to be a vigilante, that’s probably the extent of what you can offer for these problems.

  9. Do this for me check how many of there members that are in jail for killings its more than 10 andthis program bought the guns smh

  10. 1 fail failure does not mean all has failed and yes I do ask what have you done John Spartan because it seems that you sit behind your computer and talk negative about anybody that’s trying to do something and you think that your negative remarks is actually doing something for the community so until you can get your ass up off your computer and get involved and get active and do something whether it feels or it’s successful then you need not to talk shit about anybody else’s work. At least they out there again what are you doing John Spartan? Oh yeah very is very juvenile of you to play with names I see where your mind set is and what level you really are in life

  11. Looking at the stats, ONS has about a 60-70% success rate. That is if you count the members who HAVEN’T killed someone or shot at someone while receiving payments from The City.
    Oh, correction, the 30-40% of ONS members who got CAUGHT after killing or shooting at someone.
    I think it’s one of those programs that sounds good on paper, but practical application just creates ways for known criminals to game the system. You can be sure that payments from The City have gone toward illegal drug and gun purchases.
    Better solution would be to attract businesses to Richmond (instead of RPA chasing them off…), and offer vo-tech training as early as freshman year of High School, and/or partnering with businesses to provide the vocational training. The majority of these kids do not need or will ever use college prep coursework in High School, and when forced to do it they drop out. European system offers two paths: vo-tech or college prep.

  12. They do need to push hard to attract business to Richmond and take advantage of the thriving region in which it is location. How on earth could such prime real estate dwindle for so long. Richmond has great potential to be such a great city, situated in one of the most prime and desired locations in the Bay.

  13. Hope 4 Richmond, take a look no further than the Richmond Progressive Alliance as the reason why no businesses of any significance want to be in Richmond. RPA just succesfully chased away the Berkeley Global Campus project, which would have created jobs and training for hundreds. They really need to be stopped or re-educated, the RPA actions keep Richmond DOWN. Don’t allow them to have a majority on the city Council, do NOT vote for their candidates Choi and Willis. We will all suffer a lot more if they can do whatever they want.