Shooting Monday night marks Richmond’s 21st homicide this year


An 18-year-old man was fatally shot in the Bayview neighborhood of Richmond Monday night, marking the second homicide of the day and 21st of the year in the city, police said.

The fatal shooting occurred about 11:36 p.m. in the 5100 block of Bayview Avenue Monday, police Lt. Andre Hill said.

Arriving officers were directed by witnesses to the victim, identified as Otigo Martinez of Richmond. Martinez was pronounced dead at the scene by medical personnel.

Police do not believe the shooting was connected with a homicide that occurred earlier that day, when a 29-year-old  Javonte Prothro of Hercules was fatally shot in the area of S. 47th Street and Carlson Boulevard.

“At this point, there is no suspect information nor has a motive been established for this homicide,” police said.

The incident follows a rash of gun violence, with multiple shootings since late last month claiming four lives and injuring at least four others.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to contact, Detective C. Decious at 510-621-1747.


  1. 11 Richmond Cops tied to this sex scandal, baby shot, 2 murders in one day along with Homicides up…way up and new chief and new assistant chief are silent! Time for City Manager Lindsey to take a long look at who he has in charge over there. Lindsey clean house while you still have a house to clean!

  2. We need to all Rally toghther Scream out loud marching up in down the street protesting against black on black crime.Same way its done when a black man is killed by a police officer.We say black lives Matter but you only see angry when its down by a white police officer.It should be the same angry sadness,outrage,protest when its black on black crime.

  3. Jesse Jackson, perhaps you meant to refer to crime in general in the community of Richmond? This article gives no indication that the shooting involved an officer. So I think what you meant is for Richmond residents to rally together and peacefully protest the fact that their community is unacceptably unsafe and out of control. The crime and killing has to stop.

  4. Why,I know this young man was not killed by a officer.I still firmly believe we should take a stand protest bold and loud black on black crime needs to end in the city of Richmond its tearing the community apart.These are my feelings and I will forever stand by that.Protest bold and loud with peace in are hearts but loud so we can be heard.The crime has to end everywhere even in cities and states where its not community news.But yes crime and Killing must be stopped.My thoughts,My feelings,we all have them.I always pray for the city of Richmond are country as a whole.Always will believe with ever fiber in my bones that My God is still in control.