25 arrested at Richmond hotel following SWAT operation Tuesday


A two-month-long investigation into fraudulent activity at a Richmond hotel  — where several units were allegedly being used to carry out a number of crimes such as credit card manufacturing, narcotics sales and firearms trafficking — led to a major police operation Tuesday and the arrests of 25 people, police said.

A resident sent us the below photo from the scene this morning, alerting us to the major operation.

Search warrants were served in several rooms starting at 5:15 a.m. at the Marina Bay Inn & Suites at 915 W. Cutting Blvd., police said.


It stemmed from information Richmond police received about the fraudulent purchase of numerous hotel rooms. An investigation uncovered evidence that six units in the hotel harbored mail theft, fraud, narcotics sales and firearms trafficking, police said.

“In addition to the crimes occurring at these particular rooms, a number of rooms were either fraudulently rented, or entry had been forced into them and occupants were trespassing within the hotel,” Richmond police Lt. Eric Smith said.

After an investigation that identified suspects, search warrants were obtained for multiple rooms.

“With the assistance of the RPD SWAT Team, warrants were executed in the early morning,” Hill said.

Police seized quite a bit during their search, including a credit card manufacturing machine, stolen mail and credit information, illegal narcotics, four handguns and an assault weapon.

“Arrests included charges from the previously mentioned items, unrelated warrant arrests and trespassing,” Smith said.  “Detectives Moody and Middleton were the lead detectives on this investigation and were assisted during the execution by CIS, SIS and the U.S. Postal Inspector’s Office.”


  1. The biggest fraud is the manager of the hotel. This is indicative of the clientele she let in, and abused. Hope the cops work with the Better Business Bureau and turn this hole into a respectable business

  2. The best thing that could happen to that place is a team of bulldozers and a nice new development. What a dump. The buildings have outlived their usefulness.

  3. As an advocate for Richmond I entirely agree with the other commenters. Richmond deserves better than this! There should be outrage if the hotel manager is not indicted on charges of racketeering or enabling crime on the premises. It would be rather impossible for them not to be aware of this activity.

  4. The manager is actually a male and I happen to know they tried very hard to get people out but was assulted and had weapons drawn on him.

  5. “The manager is actually a male and I happen to know they tried very hard to get people out but was assulted and had weapons drawn on him.”

    Not an unheard of occurrence for property owners in Richmond. Something similar to this happened in my building as well, and to others I know. Glad it ended well enough here with Richmond Police cleaning out the place. Good work.

  6. There is something seriously wrong if the innocent and good people of Richmond can’t exist in peace without being threatened or having guns drawn on them.

  7. Why,
    Yes, you are absolutely correct. There is and has been something seriously wrong in this town for a very long time. Personally, I am tired of the idiots shooting each other over a pair of tennis shoes or something else equally stupid. I am tired of the idiots racing down Barrett Ave at 50 mph who then honk and yell at me because I’m doing the speed limit. I’m tired of the thoughtless clowns whose car radios are so unnecessarily loud you can hear them blocks away. I’m tired of all the slobs who throw their garbage and fast food wrappers in my yard or anywhere else they please without a thought. I’m tired of all the people who do not appreciate when we get a new development in town like the Target store for example, who then promptly throw their babies diapers and garbage in the parking lot, spit their gum out all over the new sidewalks, setting a poor example for their children and giving our city a poor impression with outsiders especially potential business investors. I’m tired of the idiots who wander out into the middle of the street disrupting traffic even though there is a crosswalk available very close by. I’m tired of the winos peeing in the doorways of businesses right there in broad daylight on Macdonald Ave, supposedly the Main street in town. (How impressive, when can I set up shop?)
    And I’m especially tired of those who keep making excuses for these people’s poor behaviour and refuse to call them out for it.
    My hope is that more people like Why will continue to move to Richmond and continue asking aloud: WHY?