Richmond Steelers seek new venue after shooting

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The Richmond Steelers youth football and cheer program is seeking a change of venue for practices and games following a shooting near their current field at Kennedy High last month.

Team representatives spoke during open forum of Tuesday’s council meeting to plead for help in finding a new place to play, or in the least increased police presence.

The plea follows a shooting near the high school football field on Berk Avenue Sunday afternoon, Aug. 28. While no victims were found at the scene, only casings, the incident abruptly ended the Richmond Steelers’ jamboree. Eight teams were invited for the daylong event.

Team treasurer Desmond Carson said the gunfire sent “1,000 people” fleeing for the exit.

“Kennedy is not a safe venue,” he told council Tuesday.

Before the season started, according to Coach Eric Martin, the Steelers learned that gunfire had been erupting on a regular basis in the area of the Monterey Pines complex, formerly known as Kennedy Manor.

Last year, the high school home opener ended early following a shooting just off-campus.

Efforts to move the Steelers’ practice and games to De Anza High have thus far failed. The team is also asking to use the field at Nichol Park for practice.

“We had visiting teams that weekend…everyone is afraid to come back as well as myself as a longtime resident,” Nicole Harris said. “We are afraid for our safety. We stand here in an appeal to please help us keep safe.”

During council session, members were not in position to take action nor make public statements on the issue.

The Richmond Steelers program is a new participant in the Snoop Youth Football League.


  1. Why don’t they demand that their city council members and leaders do something about the violence? Requesting to move to another location means they are being a little complacent with the violence. Demand safety and protest for it like you shout for other things; and you will get viability and movement