Richmond: 44 citations in 3 hours for drivers failing to stop for pedestrians

For first time, RPD hires civilian to handle complaints against cops

As part of a police traffic sting on some of Richmond’s busiest streets last week, 44 tickets were handed out in just three hours to drivers who failed to stop for pedestrians who were in crosswalks, police said.

The operation, which focused on enhancing pedestrian safety, occurred during the late morning and early afternoon hours last Thursday, Richmond police Lt. Felix Tan said.

“The traffic unit conducted their operation on Macdonald Avenue, Barrett Avenue and Carlson Boulevard,” Tan said.

Police urge drivers to slow down and not only to watch for pedestrians, but to stop for them as well.

“It’s the law,” police said.


  1. This type of operation is badly needed in Richmond, especially downtown and along the Macdonald and Barrett avenue corridors. You routinely see people speeding through red lights and travelling much faster than the posted speed limits on these streets. It is rare to see any drivers care about pedestrians at all. It really negatively affects us all besides the obvious safety concerns, as potential investors driving through town notice this as well and think twice about whether Richmond is a wise investment. Just about every out of town person I know has a negative experience story about driving through Richmond.
    I hope the RPD can keep up this important work.

  2. Funny, but about that time last week, I observed a Richmond Officer run through a crosswalk that a woman had already entered about 10 ft. on Cutting Blvd. Shouldn’t be a double standard.

  3. I live in Pt Richmond and the corner of railroad ave is extremely dangerous. I’ve requested and suggested rpd post an officer and see how often pedestrians are put at risk. As of yet they have not.

  4. I’ve seen a few of these “stings” in operation. Often, the “pedestrian” will be standing still 2-3′ back from the street on the sidewalk, not looking like they’re going to use the crosswalk at all. Hopefully this was not the case in this crackdown. There is a huge problem with drivers not yielding to pedestrians, and this type of focussed action is needed from time to time. I would like to see some action taken on bicyclists who think they are pedestrians, riding on the sidewalk and riding across pedestrian crossings without stopping for traffic. I personally have had many close calls with bikes suddenly veering into traffic to ride across a pedestrian crosswalk; with no indication of their intention. It’s almost time to require a “bicycle license” where riders need to understand the laws applicable to riding a bike on public streets in order to get it.

  5. Try San Pablo Avenue! I used to work there and it would take sometimes 20 minutes to get across the street. When I complained to a cop, he told me to “take a rock and throw it at their windshield.” People would sometimes do twice the speed limit and would beep their horns and curse at you for trying to cross the street! Hope RPD keeps it up!