Vacuum used in kitten rescue in Pinole


Pinole firefighters teamed with Contra Costa County Animal Control officials in rescuing two kittens who got stuck in a drain pipe Tuesday.

Crews used a Shop-Vac vacuum to pull one of the kittens out, officials said.

The incident occurred in the 500 block of Sunnyview Drive in Pinole, where the kittens had found their way into an underground pipe. Passersby heard their cries.

Animal Control officials said the kittens were beyond the reach of their available tools, so they contacted the Pinole Fire Department to help identify more useful tools.

“Through collaboration, CCAS officer Manny Morales was able to rescue one of the kittens with a snare pole that he affixed a flashlight to,” Animal Services said. “However, the second kitten was beyond the reach of the pole. At that point, CCAS and PFD acquired a Shop-Vac vacuum to suck the final kitten out”

Both kittens are doing well in recovery at the Animal Services shelter in Martinez.

“Our medical team has done an amazing job bringing these kittens back from the brink of death,” the agency said. “Although these 2 kittens are currently not available for adoption or foster, if you are interested in fostering kittens, please contact our rescue coordinator Sue at (925) 335-8325.”