Neighbor group files lawsuit opposing planned Terminal One development


A group of neighbors who oppose the planned Terminal One project along Richmond’s waterfront has filed a lawsuit.

The lawsuit by the Brickyard Cove Alliance for Responsible Developments (BCARD), which claims to represent several hundred Richmond residents who live near the planned development, claims the city failed to adequately examine or address the environmental impacts that Terminal One will have on such matters as traffic, aesthetics, parking, wind and air quality.

In his e-forum newsletter on Wednesday, Mayor Tom Butt posted the lawsuit in two parts, here and here.

The Terminal One project, which was approved by Richmond City Council in July, includes 302 condominiums, 21 detached homes, a 1.9-acre shoreline park and new bike and pedestrian paths at 1500 Dornan Drive, just west of the Richmond Yacht Club. An old pier that once served as a ferry docking point will be revamped as part of the project.

In their lawsuit challenging the project’s approved environmental impact report, opponents say the height of the planned condos will block — “if not obliterate” — pristine Bay views and vistas, not just for homeowners but people using Brickyard Cove’s pedestrian and bicycling pathways.

Opponents also challenge the city’s conclusions that there would not be significant traffic impacts, suggesting the “addition of thousands of new, daily traffic trips” will lead to congestion and hazards.

The lawsuit also claims potentially disruptive conditions for vehicles carrying large boats and trailers into the neighboring Richmond Yacht Club. The city needs to more comprehensively review how the project will affect wind patterns at the yacht harbor, the suit adds.

There are additional complaints posed in the lawsuit by BCARD, which is asking the court to nullify the city’s EIR and halt the project from moving forward.


  1. I run that loop almost every day. Terminal One doesn’t block anyone’s views, and traffic out there is very sparse. Parking will be contained within Terminal One. Air quality would be affected I’m sure, but at it’s location, the car exhaust from residents and guests will blow up over the ridge and mingle with the sewage treatment plant’s noxious fumes, Brickyard Cove current residents will experience none of the increased exhaust.

    I think that current local residents are just opposed or sceptical of any progress or change, and are grasping at straws. If there was an ideal place for this, it’s here. Building something like this adjacent to the Richmond Marina would indeed block views and increase traffic in an already semi-congested area. although terminal One is upscale, it reduces housing pressure on other areas by adding more housing, and of course it creates both short and long term jobs for the un or semi-skilled workforce that abounds in Richmond.

  2. Brickyard Landing & Seacliff total approx 500 homes, mine included. I bike & walk in the area and leave by car in the am, returning after 5:00 pm. In addition, 100-150 cars (yes, I’ve taken counts on the weekend) frequent the park on weekend days. NEVER, have I experienced traffic or anything close to congestion. It’s rare to even follow another car through the tunnel either in the am or pm or see another car turning into or out of Brickyard Landing. People have a variety of lifestyles ranging from working FT/PT/retired and do not all leave nor return home at the same time. Worry over thousands of daily trips? By whom? If you are concerned, camp out a few mornings and afternoons with a clicker and count the traffic. You will be amazed folks. An additional 300 homes will not create noticeable traffic or generate thousands of daily trips. How about a few more residents making the area interesting for a decent small market or other businesses?

  3. NIMBYISM and me-first-ism at their worst. The most galling part of it is that these people don’t even need to have a winning case. They just have to tie things up in court long enough that the project misses the current market cycle and they can guarantee themselves another ten years or more of subsidized views at everyone else’s expense.

  4. I also live in Brickyard Cove and agree with everything said in the posts above. Traffic concerns?? There is no traffic out here and the additional cars added by the Terminal One development won’t change that. The planned development is quite attractive and will blend in well with the eclectic nature of the area. When the develop gave a presentation at my community I thought that many of my closed-minded neighbors were very rude. Personally, I am looking forward to both the Shay Bottoms and the Terminal One development being built. I would much rather look down upon the proposed development than the vacant land and ugly graffiti-covered relic from when this area was all industrial.