Richmond group calls for UC to accept community benefits agreement for Berkeley Global Campus


A rally is being planned at UC Berkeley on Thursday, where the school’s chancellor is set to meet with a group of Richmond representatives to discuss a proposal for how the planned Global Berkeley Campus in Richmond Bay could benefit the local community.

The meeting about the project — a massive international research center set to be built on 130 acres of UC-owned property  — is scheduled to take place at UC Berkeley’s California Hall Thursday evening. Prior to the meeting, the “Raise Up Richmond Coalition” will hold a community speak-out at California Hall at 6:15 p.m., according to a statement from the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE).

The community speak-out, organized by the Raise Up Richmond Coalition, will call for UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas B. Dirks and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) leadership to accept a community benefits agreement that was created last year by the Community Working Group, a coalition of Richmond area leaders and officials.

The Community Working Group included representatives of Richmond businesses, government, labor unions, neighborhood councils, schools and more.

The Richmond coalition held regular meetings to establish recommendations on how the massive Global Berkeley Campus in Richmond Bay could benefit local residents in terms of jobs and education opportunities.

The proposed benefits agreement calls for union jobs for local and disadvantaged workers; opportunities for small and minority-own businesses to participate in the construction process; affordable housing and stability for renters and owners; and resources and support for youth and education, including a $3 million annual fund.

The coalition wants UC officials to accept the community benefits proposals as a legally-binding agreement.

“It is crucial for the Richmond community to be involved in the largest development to come to Richmond since World War II,” according to a statement from the Raise Up Richmond Coalition.

Despite Thursday’s meeting, the future of the Global Berkeley Campus remains in question after Dirks announced he would resign amid criticism over UC Berkeley’s finances.



  1. Sounds like a shakedown, or an attempt to get UCB to not go through with the Global Campus. Pretty unreasonable to make demands like this, AND have them be enforced by law. But, what else would you expect from the status quo of Richmond leaders and organizers?

  2. This rally is more non-sense from a group that does not represent the vast majority of Richmond residents. Considering that UC is State and LBNL is federal, most of us understand, they don’t have to bend to any proposals presented by anyone in Richmond. Their commitment has already been published in an open letter, that they should read. Raise up Richmond will do more harm than good with their tactics. Let the CWG do their job and Raise up Richmond stay out of it, especially since they cannot build anything in the City of Richmond.