Richmond small biz proves Presidential Election has not been entirely unproductive


While most citizens might not describe the 2016 Presidential Election as productive, some local businesses can at least say they’ve made a few extra sales during the ordeal.

Take Comp Printing & Office, a printing services company on San Pablo Avenue near McBryde Avenue. When the Richmond Standard visited their shop recently, Kevin Roby was busy producing a product that will likely be very popular in the liberal-leaning Bay Area: “Dump Trump” pins.

Roby, who has worked at Comp Printing for over seven years, says the business also provides products for Trump’s campaign.

The small business practically covers all printing needs.

“We do invoices, business cards, make buttons for different occasions, for obituaries, weddings, birthdays,” Roby said. “We do fliers for advertising, coupons.”

The award-winning business is owned by Lee Schmidt.

Roby says when he’s not working, he’ll take his dog to Point Isabel Regional Shoreline or a popular dog park in Pinole. He says those park areas and the weather are his favorite aspects about the county.

But when it comes to food, Roby’s spot is in Pinole.

“I like to go to Mel’s Diner whenever I can,” he said. “I love their food there. Nice big whopper burgers. You come out of there full no matter what you get.”

Story, photos and video by Mike “Raccoon Eyes” Kinney