Richmond firefighters launch fundraiser for badly burned boy’s family


Richmond firefighters have launched an online fundraiser to support the family of a 9-year-old boy who was badly burned over the weekend.

The incident occurred Saturday when Engine 64 responded to a call about 9-year-old Quin Pledger suffering from second and third-degree burns to about 20-percent of his body, fire officials said.

The boy’s both legs were engulfed in flames when he and his brother lit a flammable liquid they were playing with, officials said.

Pledger, who lives with his mother, Julie, and brother, Kai, was admitted to St. Francis Hospital Burn Center in San Francisco.

He will most likely require surgery and a “long, painful recovery,” fire officials said. His mother will have to be absent from work during his recovery, hence the launching of a fundraiser to support the family in this difficult time.

Pledger made a big impact on the Richmond firefighters who came to his aid. The 9-year-old was described as “funny, kindhearted and very active.”

“According to Captain Liz de Dios and Firefighter Ben Faulkner, Quin was a champ during the call,” Richmond Fire Chief Adrian Sheppard said in a letter. “He never cried and was positive while chatting up the crew while they assessed him and provided medical care.”

Firefighters Local 188 set up the account for the boy’s family. Any donation size is welcome.

“Let’s help get this little guy back on his feet so that he can enjoy life as most 9-year old boys should,” officials said.