After 104 years, M.A. Hays Insurance continues serving Richmond community


John Ziesenhenne, former Richmond councilman, continues to live the good life in his home city, where he owns and runs 104-year-old M.A. Hays Co. at 232 Broadway.

M.A. Hays is an insurance provider that launched in Point Richmond in 1912. The business has moved around within the city and has been at its existing location since 2004.

It offers personal insurance for home and auto, business insurance, life and health insurance. But one of the local business’ top selling products may surprise you.

“One of our biggest sellers is pet insurance, believe it or not,” Ziesenhenne said.

Ziesenhenne loves operating in Richmond because of its vibrant and diverse population.

When he’s not working in the office and community, Ziesenhenne can often be found at Richmond’s other small businesses. In the mornings, he says he likes grabbing breakfast or coffee at Café Pascal at 2181 Meeker Ave. in Marina Way. For lunch, he recommends Norma’s Meat & Deli on Barrett Avenue at 37th Street.

“The people make up the great city of Richmond,” he said. “The people that have lived here for a long time, the people who have moved in, the business people, everybody who makes up the fabric of Richmond, that’s what makes this place so exciting and interesting.”

Story, video and photos by Mike “Raccoon Eyes” Kinney.