Chief: Richmond officers connected to ‘Celeste Guap’ likely committed multiple ‘noncriminal’ violations


Several Richmond police officers who were identified as having contact with “Celeste Guap,” a sexually-exploited teenager at the center of a sex scandal involving dozens of cops from multiple East Bay law enforcement agencies, likely violated a number of department policies, but none were criminal, Chief Allwyn Brown said in a recent email updating city leaders on various police matters.

The chief was referring to evidence obtained through an ongoing internal investigation into the officers’ actions.

“At this stage it’s known that all active duty RPD officer contacts with Guap were individual, unconnected engagements – and that the evidence will likely sustain multiple violations of policies – non criminal – against several officers,” Brown said.

The Richmond police officers reportedly had contact with Guap after she turned 18.

Brown added that Guap, who is using that name as an alias for her protection, “has been cooperative and truthful” but also “reserved and protective of her acquaintances.”

The first case should conclude in the coming weeks, Brown said.

About 3o police officers were implicated in the scandal. In July, RPD said the investigation involved five of its officers, and that among them a couple had been reassigned as they had worked as school resource officers.

Read the East Bay Times report for more details.


  1. What about the very generous all expense paid trip to Florida for Ms. Gaup via the Richmond PD? Who is investigating that? Why aren’t these officers on administrative leave if they “… likely violated department policy…?”